What is GRAVITY?

GRAVITY stands for GED+ Re-engagement Alternative Vocational Individualized Training for Youth.

GRAVITY Learning Center is a re-engagement program for students who have left school before graduation. We work with school districts across our region to meet the unique needs of our students. We connect students with educational, training, and job opportunities.

Students can enroll any time of year. We develop individualized learning plans for each student. Eligible students may also access GRAVITY services during the summer months.

We’re committed to getting to know each student and working to meet their academic and social needs. And when barriers get in the way of learning, we help students find resources and solutions.

We help our students access:

  • Transportation
  • Emergency food, housing, and clothing
  • GED testing, college placement testing, and certification classes

Most of our students are working on their GED, but that is just the beginning. We talk with students about the next steps in their education and training. At GRAVITY, we treat students with respect, remove barriers, and prepare them for the next stages of their life.

Impact on Washington State

According to the National League of Cities, states save significant amounts of money when students who have left school before graduation re-engage with their education. For example, every student who earns a secondary credential saves our state $65,230 over a lifetime ($13,700 in costs associated with crime, plus $9,660 in public assistance, plus $41,870 in health care). In the 2016–17 school year alone, 238 students received GEDs through GRAVITY. Over the lifetime of that one class, GRAVITY will have helped save our state $15,524,740. This translates to a savings of $6.94 for every dollar spent on the program.

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